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Diego Feijóo, Noemia Ramus and Miguel Pascual.

Category: Revista | 7 August, 2012
Editor: Bernat Camps

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Diego Feijóo

“It’s great to discover things when you don’t expect them”. He’s a graphic designer and he lives and works in Barcelona. “The important thing is to try to do your job well to stand up to the crisis and increasing competition”. With so many cutbacks, he thinks it is an error that they are being focused on education, culture and health, as they are what makes the world evolve. He recommends we visit the Palau Robert, which now holds an exhibition on Ferran Adrià . Stating the obvious, walking at night “is something I really like, it’s much quieter”. Waiting for the holidays so he can rest.

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Noemia Ramus

Nationalised Spaniard from Brazil who lived in Plaça de Tetuan for a few years. She is now on holiday showing Barcelona to her Dutch husband and their two children, Frederica and Artur. All four of them are charming. She especially likes the beach in Barcelona, the Rambla de Catalunya, Passeig de Gràcia, and the Ramblas that go to the Maremagnum. What he likes most is culture, museums, Gaudí, and fusion cuisine. They are now making the most of their holidays.

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Miguel Pascual

Fifty-year-old painter from Gavà. He has been with the same company for 25 years, we find him working in Passeig de Gràcia. He is uncomfortable because of the difficulty of working on major streets, any small unexpected hiccup stops his work. Miguel has three children: the eldest is 27, a girl who is 22, and another girl who is 19. It is the girls who push him to come to Barcelona, Plaça Catalunya, Portal de l’Àngel, the Cathedral, since that is where all the shops the girls go to are.

Portraits: Bernat Camps

Category: Revista | 7 August, 2012
Editor: Bernat Camps
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