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Barcelona / 31 March, 2016

Barcelona. The metropolis in the age of photography, 1860-2004

The exhibition presents a journey through 18 galleries lined with works that can be divided into six main historical periods.

Cultura / 3 March, 2016

World Press Photo 2016

A small selection of the winning images from the World Press Photo 2016.

Cultura / 23 November, 2015

Distinction. A century of fashion photography

From November 26th until March 27th, the Museum of Design in Barcelona presents a fashion photographic exhibition including the work of 35 authors.

Cultura / 11 February, 2015

Kleur, Vorm en Abstractie

The photographer Jean-Luc Truijens plays with the naked human body as a canvas for the projections of his color-shape matrix and other geometric experiments.

Cultura / 10 June, 2014

Prix Pictet: photography and sustainability

The Prix Pictet, the international prize for photography and sustainability, presents Michael Schmidt’s photographs, the winner of this year’s award.

Cultura / 16 May, 2014

Zed Nelson shows out our obsession with youth and beauty

The exhibition “Love Me” by Zed Nelson will be open from 14th may to 31st august at Palau Robert.

Cultura / 30 April, 2014

Silence Shapes at Loewe Gallery

The italian photographer Filippo Minelli shows at Loewe Gallery his first individual exhibition in our country, Silence Shapes.

Cultura / 12 March, 2014

La Pedrera exposes “Colita, Just Because!”

The Fundació Catalunya – La Pedrera presents the first exhibition dedicated to Isabel Steva, one of the most prominent names in contemporary Catalan photography.

Revista / 11 November, 2013

World Press Photo

The Fundación Photographic Social Vision organizes the international exhibition World Press Photo at Centre de Cultura Contemporània de Barcelona.

Barcelona / 5 November, 2013

World Press Photo

The exhibition “Face Reality” presents the exhibition of the best photojournalistic images of the year at CCCB.

Cultura / 10 September, 2012

The Other Barcelona

The Palau Robert offers an imaginary journey through a captivating Barcelona thanks to Lluís Bussé’s innovative photographic work.

Barcelona / 10 July, 2012

Postcards from El Raval

“Consuelo Bautista. Raval”. Photographer Consuelo takes on a tour throuh the renowned Barcelona neighborhood.

Cultura / 3 July, 2012

The Origins of Haute Cuisine

The photo exhibition The Fragile Feast tells the story of 30 ingredients used by Ferran Adrià.

Barcelona / 12 March, 2012

Picture Perfect Reality

The exhibition More Photojournalism is showing a selection of four projects from the prestigious Visa pour l’Image – Perpignan festival.

Barcelona / 7 February, 2012

Barcelona Past and Present

American photographer Mark Klett rephotographs Barcelona in an exhibition that uses images to show how time has changed the city.

Barcelona / 19 November, 2011

Images to raise awareness in the world

The Photographic Social Vision Foundation is presenting at the CCCB the best examples of international photojournalism in the World Press Photo 2011 exhibition.

Barcelona / 17 November, 2011

Thinking about the future from the past

The Foto Colectania Foundation’s new exhibition Indirect speech reinterprets history through the eyes of 8 contemporary artists.

Cultura / 11 November, 2011

Sardinia and Catalonia: sister terretories

The new photographic exhibition at the Palau Robert Catalanidade/Catalanidad reveals the hidden thread that ties together Sardinia and Catalonia.