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Cultura / 18 February, 2015

Give these guys an Awwward

A conference on Web design you can’t miss.

Cultura / 11 February, 2015

Kleur, Vorm en Abstractie

The photographer Jean-Luc Truijens plays with the naked human body as a canvas for the projections of his color-shape matrix and other geometric experiments.

Cultura / 30 January, 2015

Cara B Festival

Who says live music is dead?

Cultura / 29 January, 2015

BCNegra crime book festival celebrate its 10th anniversary

This year the festival blurs the line between fiction and reality, with appearances from at least two real life criminals turned crime writers.

Cultura / 28 January, 2015

Lights and shadows between two centuries

A great opportunity to relate two artistic adventures separated by a century but linked by the research of light and composition.

Cultura / 27 January, 2015

Objectes perduts: a romantic portrait of Barcelona

Local artist Neus Martín Royo shows at Sala Parés some of the most representative places of Barcelona through her realistic view of the city.

Cultura / 26 January, 2015

History; Parked

The faded glamour of Barcelona’s car parks.

Cultura / 21 January, 2015


Up until now his own contribution has been largely ignored, something that this new exhibition hopes to rectify.

Cultura / 21 January, 2015

Hand in Glove

Friday. Night. Go.

Cultura / 16 January, 2015

Sandra Kolstad’s Yellow Heart

Norwegian singer brings her third LP to the Apolo on the 24th Jan.

Barcelona / 14 January, 2015

L’ovella negra: garage sale

Of course you are saturated with so make street markets in the city. But Ovella Negra’s garage sale has placed a one euro limit on every item sold.

Cultura / 14 January, 2015

Primavera Sound Line-App Gala 2015

On January 21st at Sala Apolo the Primavera Sound Gala will be revealing the line up for this years festival.