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World Press Photo 2016

View a small selection of winning images from the 59th World Press Photo Contest.
They were selected from 82,951 photos
made by 5,775 photographers from 128 different countries.

World Press Photo 2016

- World Press Photo

Hope for a New life - World Press Photo of the year

- Warren Richardson

Haze in China - Contemporary Issues first prize

- Zhang Lei

Talibes, Modern-day Slaves - Contemporary issues, first prize stories

- Mário Cruz

China's Coal Addiction - Daily life firsth prize singles

- Kevin Frayer

An Artic Advantage - Daily life first prize stories

- Daniel Berehulak

IS Fighter Treated at Kurdish Hospital - General News, first prize singles

- Mauricio Lima

Sex assault in america's military - Long-term projects, first prize stories

- Mary F. Calvert

Storm front on Bondi beach - Nature, first prize singles

- Rohan Kelly

Tough Times for Orangutans - nature first prize stories

- Tim Laman

Aftermath of Airstrikes in Syria - Spot news first prize stories

- Sameer Al-Doumy

Waiting to Register - People first prize singles

- Matic Zorman

FIS World Championships - Sports first prize singles

- Christian Walgram