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Cultura / 9 February, 2016

Xavier Gosé, 1876-1915. Illustrator of modernity

The Museu Nacional and the Museu d’Art Jaume Morera are dedicating a solo exhibition to Xavier Gosé available until the 23rd of march.

Cultura / 15 September, 2014

Lavar la ropa

7 photographers and 6 illustrators from Barcelona will present their latest artworks at SPLASH Laundry on 18th September under the name “Lavar La Ropa”.

Cultura / 9 May, 2014

Parergon by Rasmus Nilausen

Nivell Zero at Fundació Suñol presents Rasmus Nilausen’s latest artistic proposat, an obsessive research of the perfect painting.

Cultura / 6 May, 2014

“Love & Death” by Conrad Roset

The young Catalan painter Conrad Roset presents “Love & Death”, a great wall painting inspired in beauty, sensuality and death.

Cultura / 7 February, 2014

My vision through a camera is that of a painter

The artist Francesc Guitart presents at La Sala Vinçon part of his work as a photographer until 22th February.

Shopping / 23 October, 2013

Ornamental beat

In the heart of the Borne there is the jewellery shop of Beatriz Fabres, a space where there is no experimentation or simple fashion trends: there is only truth and joy.

Shopping / 8 July, 2013

Best Hands of Spain

Discover the craftsmanship behind each of the typically Spanish Loewe creations in the exhibition at the Loewe Gallery.

Cultura / 21 September, 2012

The Fundació Suñol Celebrates its 5th Anniversary

Josep Suñol celebrates his foundation’s 5th year with a magnificent journey through the last 50 years of artistic creation.

Barcelona / 23 August, 2012

The Search for Order in Disorder

Barcelona is hosting the largest exhibition of contemporary Russian art with works by the latest Kandinsky Prize winners.

Cultura / 11 June, 2012

Artigas. The Man of Fire

CX Catalunya Caixa tells us about the works of one of the main faces behind contemporary ceramics.

Cultura / 4 June, 2012

Art as a Game

The Fundació Suñol presents an exhibition that delves into the complexity and many interpretations of art.

Barcelona / 21 May, 2012

Art in Motion

10th SCREEN Festival: hundreds of works of video art by 519 artists from 40 countries to be found in 137 different venues.

Barcelona / 3 April, 2012

Goya, The First Modern Artist

The exhibition Goya, Lights and Shadows offers a chronological journey through his work and shows its technical and thematic richness.

Cultura / 19 March, 2012

Teresa Estapé: De construir

The artist tries to find the limits of matter so as to see what a work of art with minimum matter can communicate.

Cultura / 14 February, 2012

Hectic 20th Century Sculpture

The Fundació Suñol is opening the SCULPTURE/OBJECT exhibition showing the evolution of sculpture from early avant-grade until the 90s.

Barcelona / 18 December, 2011

Barcelona: Collecting Contemporary Art

The Francisco Godia Foundation is presenting a major exhibition of works by contemporary artists from private collections.

Shopping / 23 November, 2011

Art Within Reach

The collective exhibition Hipermerc’Art is opening its doors in La Sala Vinçon to offer original works of contemporary art to the general public.

Cultura / 18 November, 2011

Art’s fate in the face of excess

The lastest exhibition of the artist Perejaume in collaboration with CatalunyaCaixa Social Project is a reflection on excess in the world of art.

Cultura / 27 September, 2011

Frangella, drawing machine

The Foundation Suñol surprises us again with the exhibition The jug which pours or Machine to draw of Luis Frangella (Buenos Aires, 1944 – New York, 1990)