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These days Barcelona is going through a massive exodus of people in search of a holiday paradise, bidirectionally speaking. Summer 2012, here and now.

Category: Revista | 7 August, 2012
Editor: Javier Pereda
While most of the country undoubtedly slows down its productivity during the month of August, others are rubbing their hands in delight at the tourists, our own national GDP, that will help us make August a good month, be it at the beach, in the mountains or on the roads.
For one month each year we look at everything from a different point of view because of the weather, the attitude or the towns’ traditional Saint so-and-so festivities that we love so much. Whether you are staying or simply coming to Barcelona this month, you will probably end up in the Gràcia Neighbourhood Festivities. Starting on the 15th, they will decorate their streets for one of the most deeply rooted festivities in Barcelona. Truly a four-letter MUST.
The Mediterranean coast and its mild, calm waters have been and are a great destination to relax if you are lucky and your budget will allow it. But entering the exact coordinates in your GPS is not an easy task. The construction exploitation Made in Spain that our beautiful coast has suffered due to lack of judgment is unbelievable. Through Spanish Hits, Txema Salvans takes us to a real paradise that has nothing in common with the traditional “Escudo de Oro” postcards in which Eden was tangible, affordable and luxurious. Don’t look anywhere else!
A not too distant past where Passeig de Gràcia’s way station saw the first tourists arrive. Before, just like now, our street told stories, revealing its many diverse, modern and dynamic faces despite the hot degrees that fall upon our beloved hexagonal street design.
If we decide to dip our feet in the sea (with our Panama hat on), eat a steak (a nice big one if possible) or enjoy the evening breeze in the August moonlight (in good company), we will forget that in September they are going to raise our VAT and taxes. Yes my friends, the last days of the “squeeze but don’t choke” are here. We won’t recommend going on a spending spree before the kick off, but let’s not rush to throw ourselves off a cliff about it either! We will make our unease heard and try to reverse the irreversible by adhering to the “culture is not a luxury” manifesto, whose poster illustration made by our friend Pepo Pérez seems very fitting. Freecycle is another offering that will be very useful. Through it we can get rid of everything and run off to a better Earth, just like Landa did, Alfredo Landa.
Apple has finally opened its store in Passeig de Gràcia No. 1, although the same week we had another less talked about opening that we loved. It is none other than new restaurant café Laie located on the first floor of La Pedrera. A cosy space that, due to its busy location, is worth a visit before it becomes too well known. We went there and invited the restless and well-known presenter Bibiana Ballbé for a coffee. She still firmly believes in her passion: quality journalism. Do you want to find out what she told us?
Since we know you the reading, watching or listening type, our team has selected a list of books, CDs and films for a “summer special”, very nice indeed. We want to know which are your favourites, and to encourage you to participate we have set up a competition with 8 prizes. The lucky winner will be drawn out and announced the last week of August.
The whole team wishes you a happy summer: Happy nirvana friends!
Category: Revista | 7 August, 2012
Editor: Javier Pereda




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