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Barcelona’s Alma

The hotel AlmaBarcelona presents Barcelona con Alma, a Barcelona travel guide created by the city's citizens.

Category: Barcelona | 28 October, 2011
Editor: Paseo de Gracia

Anybody that lives here knows how lucky they are to be in a city like Barcelona. A city of the Mediterranean, a city of poetry that emits good vibes wherever you go. A city that is full of hidden secrets whose best asset are the citizens who live there, their dreams and their illusions. Because what gives a city its distinctive character are always its citizens.

It’s just that we’re in love with our city. Who doesn’t like to shop around the paseo Marítimo while enjoying the sea breeze? Or what do you think of the incredible views of the city from the Palau Nacional at Montjuïc? We can also enjoy the best hot chocolate in the Petritxol street or visit the market of La Boqueria and delight each of our senses with colours, flavours and aromas. Because Barcelona lacks nothing, not even a handful of legendary buildings such as La Pedrera, the Casa de les Punxes or the Casa Fajol. No matter how many times you’ve seen them, when you go by them you always look up to see them again.

It is these experiences and unforgettable places that are laid out in the new travel guide Barcelona con Alma. Conversacions entre ciudadanos de Barcelona, edited by AlmaHotels, designed by Mucho and under the direction of IT Comunicación.

A highly recommended book available to hotel guests at AlmaBarcelona that will serve all travellers who want to find interesting ideas not to be missed.Great experiences and findings compiled by a group of locals among whom we find Diana Garrigosa, Rafael Vilasanjuan, Norman Cinnamond or Mercedes Basso.

The guide was presented on Tuesday October 25th at the hotel AlmaBarcelona located in a historic building of the Eixample. The journalist Rafael Vilasanjuan, the mayor of Barcelona Xavier Trias and the CEO of AlmaHotels Joaquin Ausejo hosted the presentation which was also attended by some of the book’s main characters as well as other important personalities.


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Photographs: Diaz Wichmann Photography and Daniel Loewe

Category: Barcelona | 28 October, 2011
Editor: Paseo de Gracia
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