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Ornamental beat

In the heart of the Borne there is the jewellery shop of Beatriz Fabres, a space where there is no experimentation or simple fashion trends: there is only truth and joy.

Category: Shopping | 23 October, 2013
Editorial team

Layered in her working table functions Beatriz Fabres. Generally you can find herself attending, with long hair and fine glance while she’s carving each one of her jewels. One by one she adjusts her displays on top of her high heels and receives kindly who goes into her shop door. Of sparkling energy, no doubt about it. You can smell magnetism and eloquence the moment you get in. As solid as that, is the bet that Beatriz prints in the hand made production in each of her displayed pieces inside a space that invites everyone to feel confortable to choose that personal light that infuses a ring, bracelet, earrings or a necklace.

Silver, gold and natural stones give life to clean and elegant designs of high visual power and they present a new way of ornament the body based on ancestral and the evolution that forms and shapes have had during time. This way she achieves to decant organic elements in modern versions, for example, the leaves used by the Romans and the Greeks, or drops, more related to Arabic or Hindu culture. “Lately i’m inspired by antic shapes, the blend of this, plus my contemporary vision gives an actual result that transcends time because I do not rely on fads”.

Of restless talent founded on crafts, this chilean jeweller left her lands almost ten years ago to explore the goldsmith tradition that treasures Italy. That’s the way she arrived to Le Arti Orafe in Florence where she studied and found the comprehensive tools to develop a style that she defines as “an eternal search, that has been changing with the years passing by, that search that speaks about the balance between the body and an almost impulsive answer from my side, with an object that is foreign to him”.

Opening a shop in Barcelona has given her the oportunity to witness the ritual that generates her work in spectators, and discovering that she doesn’t only enjoys the creative part of the process, but also feels fascinated in everything that comes before and after this. “I love to imagine that my jewels are spread all over, in each corner of the world, as i work mainly with tourism”, concludes.

Beatriz Fabres
C/ Cremat Gran, 9 Barcelona

Text: Soledad García-Huidobro
Photos: Alessia Laudoni
Model: Marta Canalda / Sherismanagement
Make up: Ago Benda Unicorn Girl form Mac
Special thanx Unicorn Studio Barcelona

Category: Shopping | 23 October, 2013
Editorial team




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