R t V f F I
Start: 9 May
End: 31 May
Fundació Suñol
Paseo de Gracia 98
Barcelona 08008


Parergon by Rasmus Nilausen

Nivell Zero at Fundació Suñol presents Rasmus Nilausen's latest artistic proposat, an obsessive research of the perfect painting.

Category: Cultura | 9 May, 2014
Editorial team

The artist’s proposal for the “Catalan pavilion” is centred in the exploration of the limits of painting and an obsessive and tireless search for the perfect painting. The construction of images that emerge from a process destined to make the invisible visible and cover-up, erase, modify or disrupt the surface of a canvas, a board or a wall systematically with the intent of allowing those small things, the accidents and errors to be considered according to the importance they have in the construction of an, evolutionary and imperfect, everâ��changing imagery. The show consists of a selection of works on canvas in addition to subtle interventions in the exhibition space.

Entitled Parergon, in allusion of what ornaments, adorns or furnishes something existing, the proposal of Nilausen, apart from his paintings, will be determined by the series of interventions referred to earlier, indistinctly visible in the interior as well as the exterior of the cabin. The exhibition conceived by the author can be interpreted like a way of grasping the space from the occupation of some of its parts, the use of the interior, evoking other spheres with the surface of a painting as point of departure, the connection between interior and exterior space, the experience of contemplating a show in a place that, like the work, is so special and unfinished as imperfect and, despite all, indisputable.

Category: Cultura | 9 May, 2014
Editorial team
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