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The “treasures” of Miu Miu arrive to Barcelona

It was the event of the week in Passeig de Gracia. The inauguration of the new shop Miu Miu,the first one of Prada Group in Barcelona, attended by over 500 guests.

Category: Shopping | 4 October, 2011
Editor: Paseo de Gracia

Many fans of Miu Miu will be astonished when crossing the door of No. 42 Passeig de Gracia. The new boutique of Miuccia Prada, the first one of Prada Group in Barcelona, is simply spectacular, both the content and the continent.

With an area of ??over 400 m2 on two floors, the space was designed by architect Roberto Baciocchi, responsible for designing the group’s shops as a security camera where luxurious collections pret-a-porter, bags, shoes and accessories are shown as unique pieces of jewelry. Mirrors, gold matte and walls that simulate brocade curtains create an elegant and original atmosphere, very in the style of the brand.

And what about the “content”? The new collection maintains the excellence imposed since the beginning by Miuccia Prada, able to convert anything she decides in trend. Among the “treasures” of the new season, shine with special intensity a glittering shoes of elk and a large mega clutch, which will become a must from now on. Not forgetting, of course, shirts and dresses patterned 100% Miu Miu.

With this background, the opening of the store had to be in high style and it was. On Wednesday September 28 there was a cocktail party attended by over 500 guests between them we saw the models Bimba Bosé, Laura Ponte, Marta Español , Ariadne Artiles or Veronica Blume. The bartender Jordi Otero who created the “Miu Miu Martini,” for the occasion and the Russian DJ Anna, a resident of Arma17 club of Moscow, were in charge to put music and flavor to the event

Miu Miu
Passeig de Gracia 42
De Mon to Sat, from 10:00 h to 20:30 h
+34 934 675 434

Category: Shopping | 4 October, 2011
Editor: Paseo de Gracia
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