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The Spanish luxury brand Loewe presents its new collection Loewe Oro with a controversial campaign that is spreading like wildfire through social networks. A big mistake or a carefully planned strategy?

Category: Shopping | 15 March, 2012
Editor: Paseo de Gracia

Let’s take a trip down memory lane. The last time Loewe was a trending topic topic in Spain Twitter didn’t exist and the Internet was but a distant dream. It happened in the early 80s, when the Spanish socialist government of Felipe González expropriated Loewe from Rumasa. Since then, no other release, campaign or scrap of news starring the brand has caused as many rivers of ink and bytes as their just released controversial campaign.

The viral ad stars a group of stylish modern youngsters, some having no more than the latest hairstyles or being so and so’s daughter or niece to show as merit. All day yesterday the ad was criticized, parodied and attacked with brutal word on Twitter: it was accused of offering a ridiculously carefree image of youth.We have seen worse, but we all know that retweets are governed by their own set of rules.

The truth is that the campaign by Luis Venegas has succeeded. One way or another, everyone is talking about Loewe, especially the young audiences that inhabit social networks. And hence the suspicion arises: could this all be a carefully planned marketing strategy to explore new territory? To approach a younger and more modern audience? To distance itself from the classical and rather stagnant brand image that Loewe has been dragging?

Critics who say that the video trivialises our youth should watch it again. And again. And, if necessary, once again until they understand that the campaign, just like the brand, isn’t aimed at the public at large. It’s aimed at the tiny elite that can afford to spend over 1,000 € on a “simple” leather bag.Are they dynamiting the brand? It is clearly not intended for their usual audience either, so its effect on it will probably be very small.

The problem isn’t Loewe, it’s the ‘modern’ label that is more often than not worried more about aesthetics than ethics. Fashion and luxury are purely aspirational concepts and, either fortunately or unfortunately, the stars of the video are the mirror in which many people would like to see themselves reflected. One thing’s for sure, they would have been better off looking pretty and not opening their mouths. And they wouldn’t have been criticised so much either. In their defence it must be said that having The Sabre Dance as the soundtrack could bring up murderous instincts even in the most devoted nun.

Not long ago, a friend who knows all the ins and outs of fashion told me that “carrying a Loewe is like putting on 20 years”. I bet from now on she won’t hesitate so much about hooking one on her arm.

Category: Shopping | 15 March, 2012
Editor: Paseo de Gracia
Tags:  ad, ad campaign, controversy, Loewe, Loewe Oro, luxury brand, trending topic, Twitter controversy,




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