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New year’s purpose: renew the must-have wardrobe

Choose the most suitable clothes to create a must-have wardrobe that will complete the best looks of this season.

Category: Shopping | 11 January, 2013
Editor: Maria Brú

When a new year starts, is the perfect excuse to prepare a list of purposes in which we normally include a diet, give up smoking, go regularly to the gym and don’t leave for tomorrow what we can do today. We also use to promise ourselves that we will have a tidy house and, why not, thoroughly clean the clothes’ wardrobe.

The rhythm of modern life and the low-cost brands have been the reason why we can’t stop buying new clothes that we forget about when the season ends. This is why we have to construct a solid must-have wardrobe and combine it with the clothes and complements that will last only one season in our memories.

To know if we have an appropriate wardrobe it’s necessary to evaluate what we are going to use, what not, what we could use again and what has definitely finished its job. This way we’re going to be ready to start getting rid of all those things that occupy very valuable space in our wardrobe.

After all this process, we will have to take note of the basics that we have, what we don’t have and what has to be replaces (it’s very important that basic clothes are always in a perfect state).

Which are going to be the must-have clothes of the season?

1- A pair of dark blue jeans, without worn or broken (from Mango)
2- A white shirt with buttons, a never boring  piece and really versatile (form Sandro)
3- A LBD (little black dress) to use it during the day or night (from COS)
4- A straight and long balzer (boyfriend style) to take off the informality of any look (from Zara)
5- A pair of slippers, really confortable (from Gala Gonzalez for Mango Touch)
6- A pair of stilettos, in black or beige (from Prada)
7- Some white t-shirts, with different forms and textures (from Burberry)

It’s really important to know that basic clothes don’t do differences between sizes or ages. We simply have to adapt the cut and length of  each piece, but the clothes will we always the same basic.

Finally, remember that basic clothes are basic, and we won’t have to use them as a principal part of our look. Our personal style will be given by all the other complements that will give to our look the aspect of us that we wanna show… you choose!

Category: Shopping | 11 January, 2013
Editor: Maria Brú




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