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Louis Vuitton’s ready-to-cut-out collection

The paper dolls are now equipped with a personal wardrobe to combine the new Spring/Summer 2013 Collection.

Category: Shopping | 14 January, 2013
Editor: Maria Brú

Before the digital age, girls around the world played for more tan two centuries with paper dolls. Nowadays, those cutout figures have become a true collector’s item due to the limited duration of their material.

Louis Vuitton goes back in time to bet on this format with the aim of returning this retro-style fun and show hoy to combine the icons prêt-à-porter of the Maison and the Spring/Summer 2013 Collection designed by the renowned stylist Kim Herson.

Together with the Australian fashion illustrator Kerri Hess, Louis Vuitton has created these modern paper dolls to embody the versatility of the collections. The unique and imaginative styles of each one can be combined amusingly and in an original way.

Discover all the dolls on Louis Vuitton’s website and make your own outfit of the year.

Category: Shopping | 14 January, 2013
Editor: Maria Brú




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