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Louis Vuitton’s Magic Circus

Louis Vuitton Circus is inviting us this holiday season to a fantastic fantasy world that speaks of dreams and magic.

Category: Shopping | 11 December, 2011
Editor: Paseo de Gracia

Louis Vuitton has done it again. Everyone is delighted and amazed with the new design of their windows for Christmas 2011. And what are they bringing us this season? Ladies and gentlemen, the Louis Vuitton Circus is in town!

The well-known international brand has decided that this year we will go deep into the world of fantasy, magic and fun that is the circus. In their windows we won’t find unchanging and expressionless mannequins but jugglers, lion tamers, trapeze artists and some representatives of the animal kingdom like elephants, seals, rabbits or even monkeys. All this on a backdrop of dreams and colours that is bound to get our attention.

Oddly enough the Louis Vuitton brand’s past has always been connected with the world of circus. The inventiveness of the founders of the maison and their skilled artisans got a lot of people interested in their products in various ways. Houdini , the famous escape artist of the 19th century, faced in some of his performances the impenetrable locks of the trunks made by the brand.Another example is that of the Rancy family who were circus owners that settled in Asnieres, a city where Louis Vuitton had one of their factories. The Rancy family commissioned a special trunk that could carry a midget pony in one of their shows.

Magic tricks, shows, dreams… This is the circus that Louis Vuitton brings us. Pigeons coming out of suitcases, elephants and seals juggling handbags or a zebra coming out of one of his trunks. In short, an open window into the fabulous and fantastic world of the circus that will get us all dreaming.

That’s it for now. Let the show begin!


Louis Vuitton Store
Passeig de Gràcia, 82
934 67 09 60

Category: Shopping | 11 December, 2011
Editor: Paseo de Gracia
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