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Photography. In the crossing of Passeig de Gràcia with Arago. A crossroads through which pass daily thousands of people. The same one in which years ago was the first station that joined, in pursuit of progress and prosperity, the cities of Madrid and Barcelona. A color series depicting the pace followed by modern man since the very distant industrial revolution.

Bernat Rueda In 1992 lost his first camera, really it was not his, was of his father …
He has worked for clients such as Agata Ruiz de la Prada and Antoni Miró. Founder of RID productions and of the project The Furious Sessions; but that’s another story to be discussed later …

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Fashion. A Walk in black and white. An anonymous, classical look, in the style of Robert Doisneau and the first photographers at the beginning of the century in Paris. And modern, inspired in one of the fashion photographer, Peter Lindbergh and his series of New York or Berlin. Production: The Pablo. Styling: Mei Larrosa. Volitiv.com. Makeup: Concha Rodriguez. Hairdresser: Kim Grau. Model: Ana Neborac by Francina.

Elena Claverol understands photography as a way to live and to feel the life beyond a camera. Where everything may be photographed, just change the dimensions. Photography is a subjective interpretation of the reality through the passion, obsession, perseverance and creativity. An essential condition in all her work is the love in that which is being done, rigor for the quality and sensitivity. Works, among others, for Woman, Marie Claire, Tous, Nike, Women’Secret, Nestle …

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Illustration. Portraits of the team and collaborators. Passeig de Gracia is an illusion, a trip to Barcelona to study again in search of new adventures, an interesting project for a good start.

Elke Bauer, freelance designer and illustrator, winner of the “young of the year” of Creative Club of Austria and the Antalis Design Award of 2009 with her final project of career of the Graphische Kolleg and Meisterklasse in Vienna. After two years working in Alessandri Design in Vienna, does now the suitcases and this September will be with us in Barcelona.

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Illustration. Gazpacho, the cold soup by excellence. An opportunity for discovering the classic recipe of one of the most requested dishes in summer. It’s simple and very healthy.

Anna Solsona, designer and illustrator, Laus nomination students with her final project of career; an excellent book loaded with illustrations of the Boqueria. Currently a senior designer of ESIETE, and team base member of paseodegracia.com. She is also cofounder of the PIM-PAM editorial that will appear very soon.

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Humor. Isn’t it funny! What he likes more about Passeig de Gracia is that while the northern girls of Erasmus come down walking from Gràcia quarter to Plaza of Catalonia, the Japanese girls are walking up in opposite direction and around La Pedrera, looking at with helicopter view, all is a flowing of heads of blond and black hair . It’s like a match of checkers.

Javi Royo, designer, illustrator and cartoonist. Degree in design from the University of the Basque Country runs his own studio. Editor and collaborator of El Estafador, independent weekly publication of current affairs and humor. Also co-directs, with Idoia García de Cortázar, and participates as the author in the author objects project and decorative vinyl CHISPUM, that very soon will publish a limited series on the walk. Stay tunned!

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The uniforms of the german army during WWII and the 60's aerospace, inspire the futuristic collection that breaks the social dresscode rules.