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Lolita Bakery, cupcakes in style

Lolita Girls Bakery inaugurate new store near the Pedrera, a "must" for gourmets and fans of the handmade and creative pastries. The cupcakes are trendy.

Category: Gastronomia | 22 September, 2011
Illustration: Anna Solsona

Cakes with delicious toppings, thousand flavors cupcakes, muffins, baggels, cookies ….Yes, I would bet anything to if Willy Wonka was a flesh and blood would be very fan of Lolita Bakery. Like Hansel and Gretel. Sure would have the “mayorship” in Foursquare.

After the success of the shop in the Born, Vicky, Caro and Marti, friends and creators of the concept Lolita Bakery, decided to start a couple of months ago a new property a short walk from La Pedrera (Provenza 267). The truth is that the location could not be better because, well look, the Casa Mila is shaped like a huge cupcake with lots of toppings (Japanese) above.

Like the original, the new Lolita Bakery is a cozy place decorated like a typical American pastry shop where you can buy all sorts of sugary delights made the traditional way (the cupcakes are prepared daily in the oven of the Born shop and shipped freshly made to the new facility).

What is most striking when entering Lolita Bakery is the variety of cupcakes that are delicately arranged in their windows, to the point where it is difficult to choose one. They come in cotton candy, almond, hazelnut, strawberry, chocolate, cream cheese, cookies & cream, tangerine, blackcurrant, blueberry … And so on more than twenty different varieties, each more evocative and tantalizing .

There is no need to guess to know that the new  Bakery Lolita is set to become one of the fashion stores of Passeig de Gracia and surrounding areas. Because  nobody turns  bitter with a sweet. Nor with two. Nor even with three …


• If you don’t know what to choose, taste the Red Velvet, a cupcake cake made with cocoa-colored beet, one of the best-selling of Bakery Lolita.
• You can also make custom orders for events and celebrations. Their website offers the ability to customize any cupcake and cake by choosing from avariety of cakes, frostings (coverage) and different toppings.

Provence Lolita Bakery
08008 Barcelona 267-269
933 103 676

Photo: Mauricio Salinas

Category: Gastronomia | 22 September, 2011
Illustration: Anna Solsona
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