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Start: 29 June
End: 8 August
Sala Monjuïc
Carretera de Montjuïc, 66
Barcelona 08038

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Summers that fit in 35mm

Between 29 June and 8 August the spirit of summer cinema will come back to life in the Sala Montjuïc, which is celebrating ten years of outdoor screenings with films for everyone.

Category: Barcelona | 22 June, 2012
Editor: Daniel Vidal Hussey

Sandwiches, fridge, popcorn, lots of popcorn, patterned trunks, the aroma of aftersun, kids laughing, screaming or crying, cushions to withstand several hours sitting on an uncomfortable beach chair, a double feature with films released a few months ago and an ailing projector fighting to make them visible on a whitewashed concrete wall. That is what going to the pictures was for children who spent the summer in any coastal town in the 80s. Nobody is going to give you back that summer cinema, but the Cinema a la Fresca at Monjuïc Castle is probably the closest thing to it.

From 29 June until 8 August the 10th edition of the Sala Montjuïc will give us eighteen days of big-screen cinema and original version films with subtitles, as well as short films, live music and picnics.To commemorate its 10th anniversary, Javier Mariscal will be collaborating. Mariscal was responsible for producing the poster and the ad for the event and he also co-produced along with Fernando Trueba the opening film ‘Chico & Rita’.

True to its essence, Sala Montjuïc provides a selection both attractive and heterogeneous, comprising Hollywood blockbusters, family adventures, independent films, unforgettable classics and even blockbusters from the 80′s, courtesy of la noche Phenomena.Surely someone will see Terminator 2 at Montjuïc Castle and shed a tear remembering those childhood summers.


Sala Montjuïc — Cinema a la Fesca
Castell de Montjuïc / Carretera de Montjuïc, 66
Friday 29 June — Wednesday 8 August.
Schedule and prices: see website.

Category: Barcelona | 22 June, 2012
Editor: Daniel Vidal Hussey
Tags:  cinema, cinema a la fresca, films, Mariscal, open-air, Sala Monjuïc, Summer,

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