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Marc Newson’s personal style at G-Star RAW

The world's most influential designer adds a touch of humour to the brand's new autumn-winter man collection.

Category: Shopping | 1 October, 2012
Editor: Maria Brú

Marc Newson has designed chairs, restaurants, shops, cars, planes, and even a spacecraft. For the world’s most acclaimed industrial designer the sky is definitely not the limit. From furniture to clothes, Newson has been blurring distinctions and innovating in design, which is why he is thought of as the most influential designer of his generation.

Born in a suburb at the north of Sydney during the early 60’s, Newson started designing when he was really young. After school, he spent the afternoons in his grandparent’s garage pretending to be carpenter. He used all sorts of tools in order to create futuristic sets based on the old James Bond films. Newson developed a great interest in modern art, although he was more influenced by traditional art. He was passionate about high quality materials, about nature’s colours and shapes and all its small details.

One of the first objects he wanted to create was a clock. And that is exactly what he did.

Little by little, his work stared to gain importance and visibility. Nowadays he is the most sought-after designer by companies and international artists like Madonna (she is laying on the Lockheed Lounge in the Rain videoclip) or Jean-Paul Gaultier (who acquired the Pod of Drawers). His work has been on show at the MoMa in New York, the Design Museum in London, the Victoria and Albert Museum, the Centre Pompidou, and the Vitra Design Museum. Even Time magazine included him in the list of the 100 most influential people of the world. Despite all his achievements, Newson has never changed his work style, which is based on converting extravagant images into three-dimensional objects.

The multifaceted artist, his personal style, and a touch of humour is present in all his projects, including ones related to clothing. Newson has lived in Tokyo, Paris, and London, were he has now settled down, but he never stops working on international projects. His clients are always included among the world’s most  prestigious brands from many different domains, as are his collaborations with G-Star RAW.

It is not the first time (and we hope not the last one either) that Newson will collaborate with the German brand. In this case, the multifaceted artist has given his personal style to the denim man collection for autumn-winter 2012. Coats combining wool and technical zippers, aviator-style jackets, sweat pants that mix authentic Japanese street style and classic chambray elbow and kneepads… The result is a clean and distinguished look due to the architectural paper patterns and the luxurious fabrics used.

Category: Shopping | 1 October, 2012
Editor: Maria Brú




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