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Sales: Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Yes, thank you three times. But I'm thankful for more than just three things, because it's nice to be grateful.

Category: Shopping | 22 January, 2012
Illustration: Anna Solsona

Both traders and customers agree that sales are good bussiness — bussiness for the trader and profit for the customer because we reach the price we think is fair for the clothing, services or articles we like.

But sales are much much more. Sales make us dare more and that is the biggest contribution to the evolution and development of fashion. For example, who hasn’t seen a very chic fuchsia blouse with a lace around the neck in a ‘Très parisien’ style, combined with a little bit boring suit jacket that suddenly looks worth wearing. Or who has not seen a very striking and shiny jacket matched very cleverly with some really tattered jeans?

When the sales are on we’re encouraged to be daring, though sometimes the clothes end up buried deep in our wardrobes. Clearly, the accessibility that the sales brings makes fashion evolve. If it’s true that fashion starts at the streets, the sales are the first place for “Cool-Hunters”.

For traders it’s the third season where they can sell and it’s probably their lifeboat in this shipwreck called ‘crisis’. But maybe it’s a pity that the sales period is not on forever? No, for God’s sake! Timing is the key ingredient to sales, it is what makes buying the pleasure that it is. If sales were all year round we would lose the ability to be surprised, the excitement, and we would not get the real value of things. But, anyway, what is the real value of things?


Category: Shopping | 22 January, 2012
Illustration: Anna Solsona




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