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Passeigdegracia.com makes itself known

Antoni Gaudí, star guest invited by Passeigdegracia.com, was one of the main events in the Shopping Night Barcelona.

Category: Shopping | 5 December, 2011
Editor: Paseo de Gracia

On the night of November 30th we made our online magazine known with the event EXTRA! EXTRA! One of the most original and most photographed shows in the Shopping Night Barcelona. As if from a trip in a time machine, Antoni Gaudí appeared by surprise in Passeig de Gracia aboard a superb Ford from the 1920s and he enjoyed the night as just like any other Barcelona citizen in front of the amazed looks of thousands of people.

We chose the figure of Gaudí, brilliantly played by actor Joan Campabadal, since he was one of the major precursors of Passeig de Gràcia’s fame and popularity and an undisputed symbol of art, culture and talent “made in Barcelona”, values that we strongly promote and encourage here at our publication.

The route Antoni Gaudí followed during the Night Shopping started at about 20:30 at Passatge de la Concepció and for more than three hours he travelled along Passeig de Gràcia participating in different events, chatting and being photographed with hundreds of people and talking to many members of the press.

It was fun to see Antoni Guadi being accompanied by a photographer from the past (Mauricio Salinas) and youngsters giving out newspapers (Marta, Victor and Delfín). He visited the tailor’s area in the boutique Santa Eulalia, he marvelled at the Pedrera lit up at night, he tasted oysters in the GastroShopping in the Open Village, he sat behind the wheel of a Ferrari on exhibition and he shook hands with the mayor of Barcelona, Xavier Trias, with whom he maintained a lively conversation in the gardens of the Palau Robert. The success was such that in a few minutes we had given out all the copies of the newspaper we created especially for the event.

It was a very special night for the whole team from Passeigdegracia.com that we shared with friends, colleagues, family and a lot of people who in one way or another are involved in this incredibly exciting project. Thank you very much everyone for helping us and for being here with us. Here you can find the photo gallery with the night’s photos. If you want any of them in high-resolution you just have to subscribe to the magazine and give us the number of the photo that you want.

Foto Gaudí Passeigdegracia.com makes itself known

Mauricio Salinas and Joan Campabadal wishing each other luck at ESIETE.

Category: Shopping | 5 December, 2011
Editor: Paseo de Gracia
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