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Nike Store
Passeig de Gràcia, 29


Nike Store: Nike Fan Paradise

The Nike Store at Passeig de Gràcia offers fans a unique space to worship sports and the legendary brand's past.

Category: Shopping | 7 December, 2011
Editor: Paseo de Gracia

From an early age, Nike has always been my favourite shoe brand. Why? You should ask the little girl that I was then (today, my tastes are quite different) but I guess the name, logo, slogan, its incredible ads, they all created a sort of universe that could impress a lot a 10-year-old girl.

Later, my Latin teacher—who also taught me Greek—revealed to me the origin of the name. It turns out that Nike had taken the name from the Greeks, more specifically, the Greek goddess Nike, the goddess of Victory. Very fitting, right? And their logo, the famous swoosh, is also inspired by the goddess. Her wings, to be precise. The symbolism was perfect. Nike, the goddess of victory, famous for her speed when running and bringer of good luck. Who would have thought that the goddess Nike was created so that one day a brand of trainers could borrow her name, her symbols and their meaning. But that’s exactly what happened.

The Nike brand became world famous and very powerful, especially from the 80s onwards. First because of their choice of basketball player Michael Jordan as the visible face of the brand and second by launching what is today their most famous slogan: Just do it. Nike is now a brand that calls for self-improvement, not just in the world of sport, but beyond these barriers too. Don’t try it, just do it.

Their legions of fans and followers will be glad to know know that in Passeig de Gràcia there is “small” corner where this legendary brand can be enjoyed: the Nike Store. A paradise for any athlete or Nike–shoes addict. So as a good sports fan that I am, I went pen and Moleskine in hand straight to the store and their staff kindly gave me a little tour around the store, explaining that we can find in each of its three floors.

Upon entering the store we have a whole floor dedicated to the world of football. It is possible that more than some people will have a slight heart attack, but do not worry, it will fade away while admiring the t-shirts of Nike’s top teams, thousands of football shoes, accessories or the Nike Training range. It’s all here. Brought together and neatly placed.

The bottom-most floor is the Basement. Once there the first thing to catch the eye is a great showcase where you can see the Sportswear Icons: The Air Max 1, The Air Max Pro, The Cortez, The Nike Dunk and The Air Force 1 (the famous shoe that Michal J. Fox wore in Back to the Future). The remaining space is dedicated to several ranges such as Nike Running, Nike Sportswear and Nike Training. And when you think you’ve seen it all you find that trainers are divided according to their foot type. So people who like to run will be able to find the best quality shoes. Unbelievable.

But the icing on the cake is found on the top floor, where the NikeiD Studio is located. Now that’s a good idea! At least for those that like me (I’m a size 36 EUR) cannot enjoy all shoes that we like. Several cases are covered: can’t find your size? NikeiD Studio. You want a shoe that is only available in men’s? NikeiD Studio. Do you want to put “What’s up bro?” on your shoes? NikeiD Studio. That is the answer for everything. You can choose the shoe model, material, colors, add logos, names, initials … whatever you want! And four weeks later you can show them off on your feet.

And finally, to all running enthusiasts, we bring you good news. If you like running in groups, in the Nike + Run Club Barcelona you have the chance to do so every Thursday at 20:00. You only have go to the Nike Store on Passeig de Gracia, bring your friends and have fun!

Let’s run!


Nike Store
Passeig de Gràcia, 29

Barcelona Nike + Run Club: every Thursday at 20:00 at the Nike Store

Category: Shopping | 7 December, 2011
Editor: Paseo de Gracia
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