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Masaki a magical world.

David Laje, alma mater of the exclusive perfumery The Vanity, moved us into the magical perfumes Masaki Matsushima.

Category: Shopping | 18 June, 2011
Illustration: Anna Solsona

Who knows Masaki Matsushima know their perfumes are synonymous of innovation and cutting edge. Worthy representative of the category of author perfumes, this Japanese designer living in New York, found success and recognition in the nose of the perfumer Jean-Jacques Didier.

Interpret and translate the art of Masaki is the basis of inspiration for Jean-Jacques Didier when creating various fragrances. Having won the Young Perfumer Creator of the SFP, the young perfumer is constantly growing success in the art of creating perfumes. His deep sensitivity makes this a catalyst luxury nose who dares to play for choice with the structure of the essence creating vibrant and captivating contrasts. His originality is perceived in perfumes Masaki where he tries to rescue and strengthen the oriental and transparent spirit through floral notes, fruity and woody (cedar and musk).

Didier makes new creations each year based on new trends and inspiration of the designer. Among the latest additions we note:

Fluo – a fragrance inspired by the New York girls who follow fashion and emerge at night to drink cocktails … with notes of grapefruit, tangerine and nectarine is perfect for hot summer nights.

M0ºc is the anti-fragrance of the firm … just cold and dry with notes of tequila. Men

Art : nude musk is a scent, clean and sweet, the eternal feminine

Art foundation : the group vintage and the latest notes of makeup and lipstick

Suu-soft :  and sweet as a dream, fruity and youthful.

Shiro :  means white in Japanese and is a tribute to Japanese culture … cotton flower and rice powder for this quiet and elegant fragrance.


Undoubtedly fragrances designed for people looking for differentiate from the crowd while reaffirming his personality.

Category: Shopping | 18 June, 2011
Illustration: Anna Solsona
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