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Gucci Kicks Off 2013 Manga Style

The Italian firm has collaborated with Japanese artist Hirohiko Araki to decorate its window displays in 2013.

Category: Shopping | 6 February, 2013
Editor: Daniel Vidal Hussey

Large international firms never fail to surprise us with eccentric collections, advertising campaigns and, on this occasion, colourful window displays. Gucci has taken to manga.

The Italian brand has chosen Japanese manga artist Hirohiko Araki to create a manga titled “Jolyne, Fly High with Gucci” and thus present the Cruise 2013 Collection. The result of this collaboration can be seen in more than 70 of the Gucci flagship stores worldwide until mid-February. One of them is here, at number 76 Paseo de Gracia.

“A mix of energy, sensuality and attractiveness that gives life to the Cruise Collection in a fun and irresistible way”. That is how Frida Giannini, Gucci’s creative director, described Jolyne, the manga comic’s star. A graphic story tells the adventure of a student who inherits a box filled with souveniers of her mother’s Gucci. Driven by the mystery of the vintage treasure, she sets off on a journey that transcends time.

It is no wonder that, in times of crisis in the West, brands have taken to finding ispiration in the Land of the Rising Sun. Japan is booming and, besides a nice pair of extra-long legs and humungous eyes, there is nothing that the Japanese like more than luxury brands.

Category: Shopping | 6 February, 2013
Editor: Daniel Vidal Hussey
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