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Anna Dello Russo for H&M

On October 4 the Capsule Collection designed by the flamboyant editor of Vogue Japan will arrive at Barcelona.

Category: Shopping | 25 September, 2012
Editor: Daniel Vidal Hussey

There are stylish women, daring women, risk-taking women, and then there is Anna Dello Russo. She studied Art History and is considered an expert in the artistic domain, so it seems that there is more to her talent than a simple sixth sense. Dello Russo, editor for Vogue Japan, has designed a collection of accessories inspired by her own Rococo style for the Sweridh firm H&M.

Gold, turquoise and animal motifs are the clear stars of a collection where each item is clearly marked by the designer’s personality. We can find extravagant matching maxi-necklaces, bracelets, and earrings; sunglasses; impossible shapes; clutches; bags and suitcases not made to be checked-in on a flight; and dazzling over-the-knee boots.

It is easy to follow trends, but it is not that easy when it is you yourself who has to set what people will wear. Dello Russo is a true fashion visionary who describes herself as a “passionate fashionista“. She owns more than 4,000 pairs of shoes, she is a regular on the most VIP front rows, and is the centre of all fashion magazines and blogs like The Sartorialist. She is without a doubt of of fashion’s most influential women.That’s why for this new collection the Italian blogger has taken the liberty of offering a few lesson in fashion with the video You need a fashion shower where she lists the 10 rules of style:

1 – Fashion is a declaration of your own freedom.
2 – Between style and fashion, absolutely fashion.
3 – Fashion is always uncomfortable. If you feel comfortable, you will never get the look.
4 – Fabulous at any age.
5 – Wearing night clothes in the daytime is unexpected.
6 – Somebody wearing your same outfit? Wonderful! You did the right choice.
7 – You must wear outfit once.
8 – Wear coat as a dress.
9 – It doesn’t matter the size of your body. Fashion flatters every figure.
10 – Fashion jewels personalize your style.

Are you willing to obey them?

If you can follow each and every one of the Dello Russo’s lessons, feel free to attend the launch of The Capsule Collection on October 4 at the H&M store in Portal de l’Àngel.

Category: Shopping | 25 September, 2012
Editor: Daniel Vidal Hussey




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