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¿Graffiti live? Yes, Hermès

Hermès presents the artistic intervention of graffiti artist Kongo for the shop of Paseo de Gacia.

Category: Shopping | 11 October, 2011
Editor: Paseo de Gracia

On Monday 10 October at 13.00, Hermès presents at his shop in Paseo de Gracia the ephemeral artistic intervention that Cyril Phan, known as Kongo, will carry out in the shop window. It is an exclusive facility for the shop in Barcelona that will be seen only for 15 days, in which the Hermès Graff by Kongo, the tissue that the artist has designed for the firm, will be leading protagonist.

Since its foundation, Hermès has worked to consolidate its own identity beyond the catwalk trends and looking for an intrinsic relationship with culture. Each year carries out several artistic projects strengthening links with culture and supporting its diffusion to the society. In this context, and for the first time in Spain, Hermès will give total creative freedom to Kongo to convert the shop window of Paseo de Gracia in a temporary artistic installation.

Known by the nickname of Kongo, the French Cyril Phan is a self-taught artist of urban art that has become one of the most representative figures of graffiti. Beyond occupying walls and walls of large cities around the world, his drawings, loaded with color and energy, have been exposed in museums, exhibitions and international festivals becoming this way in a multidisciplinary artist that since the graffiti has explored new forms of artistic creation, while at the same time has collaborated with projects of major brands such as this Ephemeral show window for Hermes.

Founding member of the French graffiti artist collective MAC, Kongo is also co-founder of “Kosmopolite“, the International Graffiti Festival (France) and considered as one of the most important in this discipline and a major launch and promotion platform for young artists of graffiti around the world.

Category: Shopping | 11 October, 2011
Editor: Paseo de Gracia
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