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Passeig de Gràcia is a big street where not only luxury shops, the Stock Exchange, offices and hotels are located, even knowing it seems impossible, yes that´s true real families are living. Belive me, I´m a close neighbour.

Category: Revista | 20 October, 2011
Editor: Artemisa Canals

Most people think that living in the city center, in a modernist street is luxury and privileged, well, from a certain perspective, yes it is, but from the other, just tell you things are not so nice as they appear on fashion, art or culture magazines, because as you already know: no one is perfect.

Look, in my opinion, Passeig de Gràcia is an ideal place to move after any break up, a nice place and best spaces make anyone happy, and as far I´m concerned, when I said any break up, I really meant any break up, I must tell you it doesn´t mind if you are the leaver or the leavee, Paseo de Gracia heals it all.

Are you feeling sad and you don´t want to be the center of attention?, great, it is wide enough to bump under the bus wheels not bothering the traffic of the other lanes.

Do you need a highlight and even your ex mother being awared? you can choose the railway train or the subway and get stuck all the city transportation network.

Do you feel guilty because you cheated on him/her and you´re a worm? well, thanks to your visa or mastercard you can ruin yourself in Vuitton, Hermès or even Rabat from 10h to 21h non stop and delay your payments until your retirement at 21% interest rate (a sensible rate).

As I said, what more you can expect? And all in one street at walking distance.

And for the record, with all that above I don´t wanna say all residents in the Passeig are freaks (including myself), but true is that you should be a bit special for wanting to live just in to the center, because not all are good things, so, when a new resident is comming there´s some information that no one tell you but is crucial to know.

Fortunately www.paseodegracia.com magazine thinks on that and this information is going to be disclosed in my column. Next delivery, a new important person in your live: your doorman.

Category: Revista | 20 October, 2011
Editor: Artemisa Canals




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