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Aitor Muñoz, Sonia Di Pietro and Raúl de Tena.

Category: Revista | 22 July, 2013
Editor: Bernat Camps

Alianto People 5

Aitor Muñoz

“The other half of Ailanto, Iñaki Muñoz, stayed home working” says the designer light-heartedly. Now 44 years old, Aitor has lived longer in Barcelona than in his hometown Bilbao. “When I came here in the early 90′s, Barcelona wasn’t on par culturally with Madrid or Bilbao”. He currently lives in Gran de Gràcia with his “thousands of plants that don’t let me get through to the terrace” and he regularly walks along Passeig de Gràcia. “Every day I cross through the Palau Robert Gardens to go to work.”


sonia di pietro People 5

Sonia Di Pietro

She has lived in Barcelona for three years, although she has worked here for nearly six. She came straight from Milan. “I had a client here that got me work with Prada, doing window dressing for Santa Eulalia… I slowly fell in love with Barcelona and decided to come here.” She still hasn’t lost her strong bond with Milan, where she has friends, work and fashion: “Everything is there, but Barcelona has a certain charm that Milan doesn’t”. She can often be found at the Palau Robert Gardens, where she goes to have a smoke and relax for a while. But most of all she recommends us the new Alma Hotel terrace, which is “decorated with rustic wood and with stunning views”, and the children’s store at 248, Carrer Rosselló, where she usually goes to buy stuff. “I live in love. In love with this city”, she adds.


Raul de tena People 5

Raúl de Tena

We come across Raúl on his way to the bank, on a break between jobs. The journalist is the editor of Fantastic Plastic Mag. An online portal we’re keeping a close eye on. Related to the world of creativity and Barcelona. “What I recommend in Passeig de Gràcia is Deluxe“. But the reporter never forgets his neighborhood, Sant Antoni, where every day new bars and fashion shops open up.


Portraits: Bernat Camps

Category: Revista | 22 July, 2013
Editor: Bernat Camps
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