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Carmen Fajardo, Javier García, and Efraim Figueroa.

Category: Revista | 6 June, 2012
Editor: Edgar Melo

carmen fajardo People 3

Carmen Fajardo

Carmen comes from Bogotá, Colombia. She has lived in Barcelona for ten years and has been working in a small kiosk in Passeig de Gràcia since three years ago. Although she studied Administration, things have not been easy since she has settled here. It isn’t the job she has always dreamed of, but she loves working with the public. Without it being a priority in her future projects, one of her dreams is to get a nose job.

jvier garcia People 3


Javier García

“I was a bit overwhelmed by the tourist areas, but you can find all-sorts there.” Javier is a Computer Systems Administrator that works in Passeig de Gràcia, just next to Plaça Catalunya. Both his girlfriend and his work are in the area, so he has no choice but to spend the day here, even though he prefers areas such as the Borne or Paral·lel. In fact, he lives at Paral·lel, right next to the Apolo , which is not a useless piece of information given that what he really likes is being an electronic music DJ. Nothing serious though.


efraim figueroa People 3

Efraim Figueroa

Right about now, Efraim must be sunbathing on a beach paradise somewhere in Puerto Rico. The Puerto-Rican retired electrician was taking a walk along Passeig de Gràcia a few months ago while visiting his children and a grandchild born in Girona. For over 10 years he has been coming and going. He always comes back because of some sort of affinity with the city. He says that he loves to wander through its streets in search of different and confusing cultural ads.



Category: Revista | 6 June, 2012
Editor: Edgar Melo
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