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Our number 0 came out already more than a month ago. Since then it’s all been praises and congratulations. Yes, we are very happy and grateful for the acceptance and the support we are receiving. Our first challenge has been achieved: to create an impression the occasional visitor and turn them into habitual visitors. How? That is what we ask ourselves every day… Albert Einstein said that “In times of crisis, only imagination is more important than knowledge” or in other words, crisis is the mother of invention. Inventiveness is not lacking in Barcelona, we are the generation with ideas, and we must act accordingly. We will probably need something else though, something which some believe to be the origin of everything: luck. Is it not luck to admire each day one of the unique Hallways that on both sides of Passeig de Gràcia invite us to walk in?

Luck, or perhaps being fortunate, is to wear this autumn the wonderful textures that the new collection of Stuart Weitzman is presenting.

It may seem difficult at first sight to find the hidden corner of in Passeig de Gràcia, but it will be easier with a little luck.

The very same luck that every year hundreds of “mushroom hunters”  need to uncover those wonders of the ground, which jointly with trees inspired the unique Gaudí architecture.

Luck is sharing a coffee with Pablo Juncadella, co-author of the book “We are not ants”, stocked full of ideas and positive messages: not all is lost.

Luck is living every day in this wonderful city, as us the enigmatic Artemisa tells us, or to know the hidden reality behind the people we meet by chance in our frequent walks.

We propose in this number to give name to the #obeliscbcn, a monument that welcomes travellers in the crossing of Diagonal with Passeig de Gràcia, where it seems to have been abandoned to fate.

Some will ask what all this has to do a stone. Very little or a lot, depending on the viewpoint. It was a chance find in one of the recent fishing trips in the sea, in the wonderful waters of L’Escala. There was no luck with fish perhaps, but it was a unique trophy, marked by the passing years, marvellous, just like the selection of contents that we are pleased to present to you here and now.

It is the first stone of a project which is acquiring its own identity.


Category: Revista | 20 October, 2011 | Author: Javier Pereda
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