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Interview with Philipp Plein

The German designer talks abut his last fashion show at Milan and his fashion brand: the perfect mix & match between extravagance and luxury.

Category: Revista | 13 November, 2013
Editor: Maria Brú

The designer Philipp Plein Patrick was born in Munich in 1978. Since he was really young, his parents instilled in him a great interest in art, architecture and the different cultures around the world.

When he wan only 20, he started designing exclusive furniture for his family and close friends under the brand “Philipp Plein”, which he created in 1998. But in 2004 he changed his mind and Philipp launched his firs fashion collection. “It was an answer to the client request. I made some leather accessories and I had immediately many people asking for them. So I decide, why not try?”

Currently, Philipp Plein is one of the most recognized and internationally controversial fashion brands. His creations are risky and his advertising campaigns, elaborated by Terry Richardson, are the spotlight of American criticism.

The luxury brand, specialized in man and woman’s fashion and jewelry, is present in more than 60 countries and its collections are shown in the international fashion shows as New York or Milan’s fashion week, where we could see his latest creations.

“The new Philipp Plein collection plays with balance and harmony: all elements conceived to mix and match perfectly, for an impeccable aplomb. A sartorial heritage reinvented in an urban & underground mood, including references to sports and athletics”. Furthermore, during the fashion show we could see limited edition designs and unique pieces.

But clothes weren’t the only reason why people talked during many days about the show. Moreover, only black models featured the show “I wanted to Subvert the aesthetic conventions in the worlds of fashion and hip hop. With no limits”.

To Philipp Plein, the creative process of each of its collections is a ritual: “I take inspiration from everything around me, I am really sensitive, and from a small detail I like to work around it and create a concept”.

Philipp Plein is one of the European companies that has grown in the international market and in a really fast way. Actually, is growing in the Asian and American market. The secret of it’s success? “I have a great team around me, we work as a family and each one believe in PHILIPP PLEIN: It is not about success and work, it is about doing what we love. Passion is the key”. And things don’t end here. The designer guarantees that there are many future projects: “I have many project for the future, in different fields, regarding music collaboration, we started to produce underwear for men… let say that the best is yet to come!”.

Luxury furniture, clothing for man, woman and kids, and music? You are a multidisciplinary designer who is in constant evolution but, if you had to choose one, which one it would be? “Probably women, because women are what I love most in the world”. What type of woman? “A really strong one, self-confident who loves to be at the center of the attention”. They are all prepared to wear Philipp Plein? “Everyone should be!”.

This past June, Philipp Plein opened its first store in Barcelona -the second one in Spain- located in Paseo de Gracia. One of its biggest store which “I am having great results”, explains the German designer. “I think Barcelona it is a great city, it is alive, young, colorful, multicultural, really inspirational from the architecture point of view. It fits perfectly for my brand”.

Finally, how would you describe Philipp Plein to someone who doesn’t know the brand? “Fashion will never be the same”.

Category: Revista | 13 November, 2013
Editor: Maria Brú




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