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Jaume albert marti Contributors nº 1

Fotografía. Hallaways A personal work focused on the investigation of the urban landscape and the relationships of individuals with the environment they inhabit.

Jaume Albert Martí. EHe studies image in Barcelona and follows a Master in photography, art and technique at the Polytechnic University of Valencia. He combines his personal work with commercial photography.. He has worked as a photo editor for Agefotostock agency in Barcelona and has been assistant to photographers such as Christian Herrera. He carryies out advertising and editorial assignments for Cósmic, Francina Models, Cubacasa, Comboi records or Esade. In June 2011 received an award of the Foundation Art and right for the production of his series “¨Targets”, on the spectacle society and mass culture.
mauricio salinas Contributors nº 1

Moda. Stuart Weitzman. Some lines that betray the elegance, to create architecture upon walking, like a gentle caress of two privileged skins. Contrasts the form of an inevitably horizontal road with the arrogant and proud presence of the design.

Mauricio Salinas, In the world of the immediateness, the photo becomes somewhat fast, frivolous, easy to access and to look at. It will be the pattern, the meticulousness in doing, creating and decide, what will define the bases for a good project. Working firmly under these concepts, Mauricio has managed to maintain a quality that prevails in all his work. He collaborates for years with different companies such as Phaidon Press, Camper, Carolina Herrera, 212, La Vanguardia, Damm, etc.
edgar melo Contributors nº 1

Fotografía. People. Even not being a neighbor of Passeg de Gracia, Edgar brings ourselves near the character of people who inhabit it. He has a large memory connected with the street. Endless walks when still was a boy with the old Ron, a wild Irish Setter, the last year of high school to one side of the street…

Edgart Melo, Graduated in Liberal Arts after traveling through the Route of the Silk. After some years of tedious work in the field of the Cultural Management takes the decision to test luck with what had always loved, photography. Was cofounder of documentary photography magazine for emerging, Piel de foto, of which he is a bit one-man band. And after going through the Photojournalism Graduate of the UAB he began to collaborate with local media. Currently, he employs the his time in a Scandinavian city trying to perfect himself as photojournalist…
ilustradora Contributors nº 1

Illustration. Portraits of the team and collaborators. Passeig de Gracia is an illusion, a trip to Barcelona to study again in search of new adventures, an interesting project for a good start.

Elke Bauer, freelance designer and illustrator, winner of the “young of the year” of Creative Club of Austria and the Antalis Design Award of 2009 with her final project of career of the Graphische Kolleg and Meisterklasse in Vienna. After two years working in Alessandri Design in Vienna, does now the suitcases and this September will be with us in Barcelona.

anna Contributors nº 1

Ilustración. From earth to the plate. The season of mushrooms arrives. This is a small guide of a few you can find in Catalonian lands with a bit of luck.

Anna Solsona, designer and illustrator, Laus nomination students with her final project of career; an excellent book loaded with illustrations of the Boqueria. Currently a senior designer of ESIETE, and team base member of paseodegracia.com. She is also cofounder of the PIM-PAM editorial that will appear very soon.

artemisa canals Contributors nº 1

Lectura. Reality Bites. It is a monthly column which reveals a closer look, her daily experiences in the walk, daily life of a very vital and restless character.

Artemisa Canals, after years of training and work as an executive in a long list of financial from which prefers not to speak, decided to combine his frenetic work with a blog, sexandthebarcelonacity and to expose her theories about men and women today

jroyo Contributors nº 1

Humor. Isn’t it funny! What he likes more about Passeig de Gracia is that while the northern girls of Erasmus come down walking from Gràcia quarter to Plaza of Catalonia, the Japanese girls are walking up in opposite direction and around La Pedrera, looking at with helicopter view, all is a flowing of heads of blond and black hair . It’s like a match of checkers.

Javi Royo, designer, illustrator and cartoonist. Degree in design from the University of the Basque Country runs his own studio. Editor and collaborator of El Estafador, independent weekly publication of current affairs and humor. Also co-directs, with Idoia García de Cortázar, and participates as the author in the author objects project and decorative vinyl CHISPUM, that very soon will publish a limited series on the walk. Stay tunned!

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