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Contributors #2

Contributors #2. Editorial and art direction. Passion. After a long holiday time and other various Christmas-related events, we want to proudly show you magazine #2. Even though it wasn’t in the plans, we decided to name it passion since it was passion what people we’ve met have proved to have. It all started a November […]

Category: Revista | 19 January, 2012
Editor: Javier Pereda

Contributors #2.

javier Contributors #2

Editorial and art direction. Passion. After a long holiday time and other various Christmas-related events, we want to proudly show you magazine #2. Even though it wasn’t in the plans, we decided to name it passion since it was passion what people we’ve met have proved to have. It all started a November afternoon at the Pedrera… Read more

Javier Pereda. After 6 years of learning at the studio Grafica de Barcelona with Pablo Martín and Fernando Gutiérrez, he starts the design studio ESIETE in 2002. He’s a graphic designer that got his BA from Eina in 1998. Work he has done with his team has been aknowledged in various national festivals such as LAUS and LETRA, and international festivals such as the Art Directors Club Europe and the European Design Awards. He teaches corporate identity at the Instituto Superior de Diseño and at the Escuela de la Imagen IDEP.
Cesar lucadamo Contributors #2

Photography. Living in La Pedrera “Stepping into Gaudí’s universe and La Pedrera, I just knew I had to go back to the essence of my personal work to tackle this project, so I decided to work with my Rolleiflex. I had to find a way to approach the space and Señora Carmen, approach them from an intimate point of view, trying to capture the architecture’s shapes and the warmth of all the experiences that have taken place inside the house. So many years of seeing La Pedrera from the outside… I feel fortunate to have been able to capture a little of what is inside.”

César Lucadamo. His photography cannot be understood without knowing an essential fact from his life: he was a professional footballer from 1983 to 1986 playing in the first and second division in Argentina.In 1987 he decided to travel to Madrid, where he worked as an assistant and waiter. A year later, in 1988, he moved to Barcelona to work as an assistant to Xavier Guardans and start his career as a professional photographer. He now works in advertising for brands such as Camper, Levi’s, Liberto, Audi, Pre-Natal, BMW, Honda, Jameson or the Barcelona City Council. His works have been published in magazines such as Big Magazine, El País Semanal, Vogue, Sposabella, Elle, ID, Chic and El Semanal.
elena claverol Contributors #2

Fashion. Madame. These photos reflect a part of her sensuality. That vague and mysterious side, where we descend into all what is hidden, games, exquisite badness, elegant and modern.

Elena Claverol. For her, photography is a way to live and experience life beyond the camera. Now that anything can be photographed, only dimensions change. Photography is a subjective interpretation of reality through the passion, obsession, perseverance and creativity. Something that is present in all her works is a love for what she does, a strictness in quality, and a keen eye. All that can be found in projects for Woman, Marie Claire, Tous, Nike, Women’Secret, Nestlé…
Ona Boix Contributors #2

Moda. Barcelona Foulards. Apart from creating her own collections, this time she’s offering us a collection of silk scarves inspired in the city of Barcelona and designed exclusively for Gratacós.

Ona Boix. She lives and works in Barcelona.She’s got a BA in Fine Arts from the University of Barcelona. Her creative work consists both of designing textile surfaces and of paintings. Two fields that complement each other and allow her to explore new possibilities both technically and in formal language.
edgar melo ok Contributors #2

Retratos. People. Although he’s doesn’t live in Passeig de Gràcia, he gives us a look at the people who live there. He’s got many memories connected to Passeig de Gràcia. Endless walks along it while still a child with Old Ron, a slightly barmy Irish setter, his last year in a high school just next to it…

Edgart Melo. He got his BA in Humanities after journeying along the Silk Route. After several years of boring work in the field of cultural management he decides to try his luck in what he had always liked: photography. He’s the cofounder of the documentary photography magazine Piel de foto, which promotes new and upcoming reporters. After taking a Postgraduate course on photojournalism at the UAB, he began to collaborate with local media. Today, he lives and wanders around a Scandinavian city, while trying to perfect his skills as a photojournalist.
anna Contributors #2

Illustrations. Pairings. A selection of pairings for the occasions when the all senses intertwine.

Anna Solsona. Designer and illustrator. Her end-of-career project merited her a Laus Estudiantes nomination: an excellent book filled with illustrations of the Boqueria. Currently senior designer at ESIETE and member of the main team at Passeigdegracia.com. She’s also cofounder of the PIM-PAM publishing house, which will soon be out.
Ingrid pratmarso Contributors #2

Scenery. Remote Corners. Since Ingrid has always lived near Passeig de Gràcia, she can take us to the places that we’ve always wanted to see, places full of charm, history and Barcelona attitude.

Ingrid Pratmarsó. After finishing her studies on interior design, she decides take her life in a new direction when she starts her end-of-career project on cultural management and new guidelines for museums. The result of the project is a new type of cultural centre that takes into account current problems and whose aim is curating. She’s currently organising the exhibition Tattoo the girl, that soon we will be able to enjoy.
ilustradora Contributors #2

Illustrations. Portraits of the team and collaborators. Passeig de Gracia is hope, a trip to Barcelona to study again, in search of new adventures, an interesting project with a good start.

Elke Bauer. Freelance designer and illustrator. She won the “Youth of the Year” prize from the Creative Club in Austria and the Antalis Design Award 2009 with her end-of-course project on the Graphische Kolleg and Meisterklasse in Vienna. After two years working in alessandridesign in Vienna, she packed her cases and since September she’s been living in Barcelona.
Andreu March Contributors #2

Retail. Sales. Thoughts on the wonderful world of sales. Though is it really that wonderful?

Andreu March. He got his BA in Fine Arts at the University of Barcelona. Since 1990 he has done Visual Merchandising work for various national and international brands. He also works as a teacher at the ESCODI.
artemisa canals Contributors #2

Read. Reality Bites. A monthly column that gives us a closer look at Passeig de Gràcia through the daily livings of a very restless character that is also full of vitality. We can guarantee that it will be a fun read.

Artemisa Canals. After years of training and working as an executive in a long list of financial companies that she would rather not speak about, she decided to combine her frantic work with a blog, sexandthebarcelonacity, and present her theories on today’s men and women.
Javi Royo ok Contributors #2

Graphical humour. La Gracia. What he likes the most about Passeig de Gracia is that while the female Scandinavian Erasmus students walk down toward Plaça Catalunya, the Japanese girls are going in the opposite direction, and as they reach La Pedrera, looking down from a police helicopter the view is a constant flow of blond and black hair. It’s like a game of checkers.

Javi Royo. Designer, illustrator and cartoonist. He got his BA in Design from the University of the Basque Country. He also runs his own studio. He edits and contributes at the Estafador, an weekly independent publication on current affairs and graphic humour.Even more, he also co-directs jointly with Idoia García de Cortázar and participates as an author on the CHISPUM project, which creates signature pieces and decorative decals, and will soon publish a limited series about Passeig de Gràcia.Stay tuned!
Category: Revista | 19 January, 2012
Editor: Javier Pereda




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