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Cultura / 8 November, 2013

Nobody Can Hear You Shout in Outer Space

Sound requires a material medium to propagate, so in the vacuum of space there is no way of hearing an explosion, the roar of an engine… or protests.

Cultura / 16 October, 2013

Depero y la reconstrucción futurista del universo

Barcelona / 19 June, 2013

SONAR 2013

Maybe the best Sónar ever. Congratulations, and happy anniversary.

Cultura / 29 October, 2012

Remote Corners 6

This time I won’t tell you about a single corner, but thirty-two corners. In each of them, you can see a bat perched on the crown of the Kings of Aragon and Barcelona’s coat of arms.

Cultura / 6 August, 2012

Remote Corners 5

They say that smell is the sense that most unites us to the emotions we experience, more than any other sense. When we remember a scent in an instant we associate it with someone.

Cultura / 2 August, 2012

Apples! Get your apples!

Spanish journalist Julio Camba shows us life in New York in the aftermath of the 1929 Great Crash.

Cultura / 2 August, 2012

The Alfredo Landa Experience

In 1971 Alfredo Landa played the role of a countryman that set forth to emigrate in the film Come to Germany, Pepe.

Barcelona / 9 July, 2012

VIPs Support Future Faces of Fashion

The Montjuïc Swimming Pools hosted an evening full of surprises.

Cultura / 13 June, 2012

It’s All About Survival

The Grapes of Wrath by John Steinbeck tells the story of a family struggling to cope after losing everything in the Great Depression.

Cultura / 6 June, 2012


All types of demands can befit a general strike. Even the aesthetic ones.

Barcelona / 31 May, 2012


Spectacular and energetic music offering to relax and unwind in the best possible way.

Cultura / 28 May, 2012


This corner is for the more adventurous among you, those who always want more. I want you to discover a new inner patio from where you can see one of the most iconic buildings in Passeig de Gràcia.

Cultura / 25 May, 2012

From Tree Trunk to Computer Byte

On Reading — With the advent of the Internet revolution, are we reading the in the same way? Will the very concept of reading change?

Barcelona / 2 May, 2012

Green Drinks are back!

Cool and environmentally conscious people get together to talk sustainability.

Cultura / 23 April, 2012

Sant Jordi 2012

A small guide to avoid getting lost! These are our recommendations for a special day.

Cultura / 18 April, 2012

Jacint Verdaguer’s Holm Oak

A hundred year-old holm oak tree in Passeig de Gràcia hides a moving story of days gone-by.

Cultura / 30 March, 2012

Remote Corners 3

This is a space for contemplation of contemporary art. An unusual fact is that its main entrance is on carrer Rosselló, but it is physically located on Passeig de Gràcia.

Negocios / 26 March, 2012

Alimentaria 2012: 19th edition and still going strong

From March 26th to 29th 2012, Alimentaria will once again be a world-renowned business centre.

Cultura / 23 February, 2012

A Signed Copy of Arrugas for You

We’re celebrating Arrugas’ success at the Goya Awards giving away a copy of the book signed by Paco Roca especially for readers of our magazine.

Cultura / 19 February, 2012

Coffee Chat with Paco Roca, author of Arrugas

Jointly with Francisco Peña, illustrator and contributor here at Passeig de Gràcia, we enjoyed a conversation to find out about Paco Roca’s professional and personal side.

Cultura / 15 February, 2012

The Comedia: Shelter for Opera Lovers

While a labour force adjustment plan requires the Liceu to close its doors temporarily, the Comedia Cinema becomes an interesting alternative for opera lovers.