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Start: 18 April
End: 1 June
Espai Mercè Sala
Rambla Catalunya, 117
Barcelona 08008

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Del Mur a l’Art

The new exhibition at the Espai Mercè Sala tells us about the double life of 14 urban artists from the Spanish scene and lets us see Barcelona as a large canvas.

Category: Cultura | 16 April, 2012
Editor: Paseo de Gracia

It is difficult to define the boundaries of art—if not impossible. Can a a few paint strokes on a wall be art? Can the controversial “graffiti”, loathed by many but also loved by many, be art? The controversy that surrounds it is at least confirmation that everyone’s got something to say about this form of expression that uses the city as a huge canvas and that, in my opinion, sometimes generates true works of art.

The metro fits in perfectly with urban culture, and this time around it has become the “wall” on which to exhibit works of leading Spanish artists like Miss Van, Boris Hoppek or Suso33, to name but a few. Del Mur a l’Art is an exhibition where you will have the chance to meet 14 Spanish urban artists and admire their original works, see photographs of their painting process, read some quotes and even watch a selection of videos that show other sides of their work.

Inocuo, Aryz, Sixeart, Btoy, El Tono, Jorge Rodríguez Gerada, Kenor, Lucas Milà, Max Gärtner, Ripo and Daniel Muñoz San. All these names, as well as the ones mentioned before, make up this exhibition that wants people to see what types of art street artists can make and the value street art adds to cities.Maybe it’s true you don’t need four walls to keep a work of art. Art is also on the streets.

If you are interested in visiting the exhibition, you can do so at the Espai Mercè Sala in the hallway between the two entrances to the Line 5 stop at Diagonal until June 1st.

Here’s a little appetiser cooked up just for you.

Del Mur a l’Art
Espai Mercè Sala / Hallway at the Line 5 stop at Diagonal
On until June 1st
Monday–Friday, 10:00–20:30
Free admission.

Category: Cultura | 16 April, 2012
Editor: Paseo de Gracia
Tags:  art, Espai Mercé Sala, exhibition, graffiti, metro, street art, street artists, TMB, urban art,

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