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Start: 29 February
End: 31 March
Moll de la Fusta
Moll Bosch i Alsina, 2


History Has Sailed Into Barcelona

The Moll de la Fusta is showing until April a replica of the Nao Victoria, the first ship to journey around the world.

Category: Barcelona | 28 February, 2012
Editor: Paseo de Gracia

Throughout our lives we hear many stories. Some are worthy of our attention, others are so overrated that the wind them like a leaf in autumn. Then there are the other stories, those that speak of golden times and glorious times and of great deeds carried out by men who really shaped history. Today, there aren’t many of these stories to be found, and those that can be found could all fit on a teaspoon.

Nearly 500 years ago Ferdinand Magellan began, without knowing it, a story that would be remembered forever. He set sail from Cadiz with a fleet of four ships with the intention of opening a new route to Asia and its sought-after spices. The expedition would be the first to go around the world.

Among those ships was the Victoria, a vessel touched by destiny as it would be the only one to return to Spain three years later. Magellan had died in the arduous journey, so it was Juan Sebastián Elcano who captained the ship alongside 18 of the 247 sailors who had originally set sail. The Victoria holds the key to the world of adventures, honourable deeds and heroes that today exists only in fiction.

Until April 31st we can see this magnificent replica built for the Universal Exposition of Seville at the Moll de la Fusta. We will find out about the boat’s history and its workings since it accurately and faithfully reproduces every detail of the original vessel.

To all those who want to visit the ship let us give you a warning, the captain will only let real sailors eager for adventure board the ship. Are you one of them?


Nao Victoria
Moll de la Fusta / Moll Bosch i Alsina, 2
January 18th–March 31st
Every day, 10:00–17:30
Admission: 3 € (Nao Victoria visit only)
Combined ticket: 4 € (includes visit to the Maritime Museum and the two boats)

Category: Barcelona | 28 February, 2012
Editor: Paseo de Gracia
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