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Do you want to meet Simó and Béré?

The play "Sé de un lugar" tells a little love story about two people who need each other but cannot and do not want to be together.

Category: Barcelona | 16 January, 2012
Editor: Paseo de Gracia

Next week the team at Passeigdegracia.com team is going to visit Simó at his home. He invited us. Do you know Simó? The poor fellow is having a hard time. He just broke up with his girlfriend Béré and he can’t manage to get over her. He hasn’t been out of his house in a long time. We think it’s been more than a year! He feels the world has turned its back to him. He’s even turned his back to himself. Béré has reacted differently. Now she travels the world to make the most of her independence and to experiment. But don’t get her wrong! Béré worries about Simó. In fact, she visits him from time to time. She is worried about his isolation.

Simó’s flat is on the first floor of La Seca, Espai Brossa. Sometimes there are plays there but not this time. This time it’s Simó’s flat. There you will see familiar faces like Xavier Sàez or Anna Alarcón. And other names will be familiar like Iván Morales. All of them make up Sé de un lugar. And this is their Facebook.

Do you want to meet Simó and Béré? Do you want to visit their flat and see their story through your own eyes? Passeigdegracia.com is offering 2 sets of two tickets (worth 12€ per person) for just 5€ per person, courtesy of La Seca-Espai Brossa and Producciones Prisamata. You can take part in the draw and get a set of two tickets as follows:

Out of all the people who tag themselves on the play’s poster published on our Facebook page.

You can tag yourselves from Monday January 16th until Wednesday January 25th at 00:00. We will announce the winners the next day via Facebook.

See you at Simó’s flat!


Sé de un lugar
La Seca Espai Brossa / Flassanders, 40
From January 12th to February 24th
Wednesday, Thursday and Friday at 20:00
Tickets: 12 €

Category: Barcelona | 16 January, 2012
Editor: Paseo de Gracia
Tags:  anna alarcón, barcelona, Béré, companyia prisamata, iván morales, La Seca Espai Brossa, play, Sé de un lugar, Simó, theatre, xavier sàez,



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