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World Press Photo 2016

Echa un vistazo a algunas de las fotografías ganadoras de la 59 edición del World Press Photo.
Han sido seleccionadas entre 82.951 fotografías
hechas por 5.775 fotógrafos de 1128 países diferentes.

World Press Photo 2016

- World Press Photo

Hope for a New life - World Press Photo of the year

- Warren Richardson

Haze in China - Contemporary Issues first prize

- Zhang Lei

Talibes, Modern-day Slaves - Contemporary issues, first prize stories

- Mário Cruz

China's Coal Addiction - Daily life firsth prize singles

- Kevin Frayer

An Artic Advantage - Daily life first prize stories

- Daniel Berehulak

IS Fighter Treated at Kurdish Hospital - General News, first prize singles

- Mauricio Lima

Sex assault in america's military - Long-term projects, first prize stories

- Mary F. Calvert

Storm front on Bondi beach - Nature, first prize singles

- Rohan Kelly

Tough Times for Orangutans - nature first prize stories

- Tim Laman

Aftermath of Airstrikes in Syria - Spot news first prize stories

- Sameer Al-Doumy

Waiting to Register - People first prize singles

- Matic Zorman

FIS World Championships - Sports first prize singles

- Christian Walgram